What is a Business Loan?
Many times businessmen find themselves in need of credit to expand or fund their business for multiple reasons. They need the funds to buy some equipment, working capital gap ,payment to creditors, pay off business dues, pay employee’s salary, to expand etc. Businessmen can’t put the funds in line from their personal savings. Thus they opt for business loans. The business loan works as the perfect financial aid for such situations. Taking a business loan is always a safe and easy way to tackle your business related financial needs. You can also apply for a business loan if you want to start a new business. The terms and conditions to avail such a loan are different than the loan taken for already running business. Also each business is different in various aspects thus it requires different documents and is applied to different criteria. That’s why banks and NBFCs offer customized business loan plans as per the requirement of applicant/s. These plans are applicant/s centric and made with keeping financial alternatives in lure. Banks and NBFCs also offer special loans for women entrepreneurs. They are customized business loan plans for women to cater their needs and give them a chance to build a competitive business in the market.
Why should I take a Business Loan?
Businessmen or entrepreneurs take business loan to meet with their various business related needs. We have listed a few of them below:
Business loan for working capital
The main purpose of this loan is to finance the short-term operational needs of a company. When a firm doesn’t have enough money on the hand for dealing with their daily expenses, they  go for the working capital loans. In simple words, these loans are the corporate debt borrowings that are used by a firm for tackling with their daily expenses. There are lots of companies in India who doesn’t have a stable revenue all over the year. They work on a cyclical sales model that depends on the requirements of the retailer. These loans help them to be sustainable soon and it can be paid off once the business starts to grow. Keeping this in mind, we offer you a host of innovative products and services which are customised to meet your evolving financial needs to meet your purpose.
Business loan for buying machinery or equipment
Almost all types of businesses need specific machinery or equipment for smooth functioning. Equipment loans are loans to buy business equipment. Businesses will often have the need to purchase, replace, repair, or upgrade various kinds of equipment to process,manufacture, or produce their product.Many times these equipment are higher in price. Thus businessmen opt for this type of loan to buy such equipment and pay it off with profits which will come from the use of these equipment or by putting them out on lease later. When considering business equipment loans, know that you can also look into leasing the equipment.The collateral for the loan is the item or items you purchase with the equipment loan.

Business loan for business expansion
Every entrepreneur wants his or her business to flourish beyond the boundaries of its local position. This though comes to their mind when business starts to grow in its initial location and there is a positive flow of profit. Businessmen understand the need and urge to expand their own product i.e. the very own business. But expanding the business beyond local capacities is not easy, financially speaking. It surely needs a strong monetary backing to meet with the needs of expanding the business. Whether its location, equipments, new recruitments or paying for new communication channel, businessmen need a bucket full of finance. Thus they opt for business expansion loan. By taking this loan, businessmen make sure that their respective business touches new heights of success.
Business loan for developing infrastructure
Having a well built exquisite infrastructure is one of the key points of a business. Your clients many times judge you from the infrastructure you work within. Also it is easier to many businesses to have a well sorted customised infrastructure for smooth day to day affairs. Obviously having any kind of infrastructure, small or large, does not come in cheap. Thus businessmen opt for this type of loan. The hassle-free finance eases your operational concerns and assists in developing urban infrastructure and other projects targeted towards the well-being of our nation. We provide loans covering an entire range of infrastructure space. We customise the solutions based on requirements and provide working capital and project finance for contractors. Attractive lease options are also available with us.